Telenor SMS Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Here check Telenor SMS Packages 2023 Daily Weekly & Monthly. Telenor make its place in the list of the best cellular services in Pakistan by providing affordable and economical SMS packages to its users. Telenor is a Norway based company and it has started business in Pakistan more than a decade ago. Telenor faced many ups and downs at start but after all of that Telenor is now get the place of second largest cellular operator in Pakistan. It entertains more than 4millions Pakistani subscribers by offering data and cellular services.

Telenor SMS Packages 2023 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

You can enjoy with your friends and relatives by sharing your fun and memories with the help of Telenor SMS services. Telenor offers best SMS packages and Telenor subscribers will be able to send on net and of net messages. Not only djuice subscribers offered with best deals but the same time there are some good SMS packages on Talkshawk as well. We are going to mention complete details of all the SMS packages provided on the both Djuice and Talkshawk.

Telenor Talkshawk SMS bundles:

Telenor Talkshawk offers 5 different types of SMS packages with different rates and validities:

  1. Telenor Daily SMS Bundle
  2. Telenor 5 Day SMS Bundle
  3. Telenor Weekly SMS Bundle
  4. Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle
  5. Telenor Monthly SMS Bundle

Following details will be able you how to subscribe Telenor SMS offers. This will include Telenor Daily SMS Package, Telenor 5-day SMS Package, Telenor Weekly SMS Package, Telenor Fortnightly SMS Package and Telenor Monthly SMS Package.

Daily SMS Package – Telenor

Telenor offers daily SMS package to its users at cheap price. Have the subscription details:

Package Fee Rs. 4.00
Validity 1 Day
Subscription Key Dial: *345*116#
Status Key *111#

Weekly SMS Package – Telenor

Package Fee Rs 11
SMS 1000
Validity 7 Days
Subscription Key *345*117#
Status Key *111#

 15 Day SMS Package – Telenor

Beside Telenor daily SMS bundle users can also subscribe 15 days SMS package with economical rate. Details mention below:

Package Fee Rs. 38.50
SMS 1500 SMS
Validity 15 Day
Subscription Key *345*005#
Status Key *111#

15 Day Economy SMS Package – Telenor

Package Fee Rs. 14.50
Validity 15 Day
Subscription Key *345*112#
Status Key *111#

5 Day SMS Package – Telenor

Users can also subscribe Telenor 5 day SMS bundle with 300 SMS and 5 days of validity. Check details of subscribe:

Subscription Fee Rs. 7.00
Validity 5 Day
Subscription String *345*015#
Status String *111#

Post-pay SMS Packages – Telenor      

Telenor post-pay subscribers can get this offer and will be made SMS to any network. Details mention below:

Package Name Charges SMS Vailidity Activation Key
SMS Bundle 30 Rs. 30+Tax 250 30 Days *345*761#
SMS Bundle 60 Rs. 60+Tax 600 30 Days *345*762#
SMS Bundle 200 Rs. 200+Tax 6000 30 Days *345*763#

Terms & Conditions

  • Users can be made free SMS to any local network of Pakistan
  • Subscription charges exclusive tax
  • Offers will be available for limited time
  • Dial *111# to check Free SMS Balance
  • Only Talkshawk subscribers can get this offer
  • All offer will be re new after validity

SMS Packages for Djuice Customers – Telenor

Djuice users will be entertained with best SMS offers and these bundles are classified into 5 categories on the basis of their charges and free SMS offer.

  1. Djuice Daily SMS Package
  2. Djuice Weekly SMS Package
  3. Djuice 15 Day Economy SMS Package
  4. Djuice Monthly SMS Package
  5. Djuice SMS Minutes Package

Please have the details of each SMS Bundle of Telenor Djuice. Following details will let you know how to subscribe daily SMS bundle, weekly sms bundle, 15 day sms bundle, minutes sms bundle and monthly sms bundle. These offers are both for post-pay and prepaid customers.

SMS Package for Djuice – Telenor

Package Name Charges SMS Validity Subscription Key
Daily Messaging Bundle Rs. 2 300 SMS 1 Day *345*363#
Weekly Messaging Bundle Rs. 10 1200 SMS and 100 MB for WhatsApp 7 Days *345*116#
Monthly Messaging Bundle Rs. 40 10,000 SMS and 300 MB for WhatsApp/Facebook 30 Days Can be activated through website
15 Day Messaging Bundle Rs. 35 3500 SMS and 200 MB for WhatsApp 15 Days *345*112#

Terms & Conditions

  • Only djuice subscribers can get this offer
  • Djuice subscribers can be made free SMS to any network of Pakistan
  • All offers are available for limited time period
  • Company’s terms & conditions apply
  • Taxes are excluding from SMS charges

Djuice SMS Minutes Packages – Telenor

  • Subscribers can get this offer, simply dial *345*105#
  • Charges Rs. 11.95 inclusive of tax will be charged for sending SMS to any number or any network of Pakistan at any time.
  • Free SMS 700
  • 12 free minutes includes in this SMS offer which can be used any time to make calls o any Telenor (Talkshawk & djuice both) numbers anywhere and anytime in Pakistan.
  • This offer will come with 7 days validity.
  • This offer is available on all Djuice packages.

This is all about the Telenor Talkshawk and djuice SMS packages. If we miss anything about the offers please make us know in your comments. Thanks for visiting us stay in touch for more details about different offers.

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