Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan 2023-Ideas

Investing one’s own money and starting a business is the an ideal job for many. However starting your own business is a risky affair. You must be sure of what and where you are investing. You should be aware of the most profitable markets, where you can invest little and earn a lot.

Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan 2023-Ideas

This article is a complete guide for business start-up ideas, on a smaller scale. You’ll invest a little and earn a lot. The key to a successful business is planning, strategy, and dedication. Following are a few business ideas that can help you to find your ideal job.

Real Estate Business:

This business is always booming in Pakistan. Real Estate business offers a wide spectrum of possibilities. You can buy and sell plots, houses, apartments, even plazas on a larger scale. You can also rent out the house or apartment you have constructed, whatever suits you. The investment in this business depends on the region you choose. Cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi are quite expensive. So you’ll need a more start-up money. Usually a house is built in 30 to 50 lacs. And it takes about 8 to 9 months. After that, you can sell it for 70 to 80 lacs or even more.

Immigration Consultants:

Immigration consultants earn a handsome amount monthly, just by guiding students and youngsters of different backgrounds who seek admissions or jobs outside the country. Most students want to seek admissions in USA, England. Australia, China, and Germany. You need to learn about these countries, their policies, and the renowned universities companies there. Then set-up a small office in a commercial area, get a few chairs and a table, and you have done your job.

Dairy Business:

You can start this business with a range of budget. You can invest as little as 1 lac or as much as 1 crore, it is up to you. Dairy Business is of high value in Pakistan, almost all the countries worldwide. Consumption of milk and dairy products is on daily basis in every house. So it will always stay in demand. You can supply milk and cream to houses as well as bakeries, hotels and other commercial places.

Before starting this business, you must have a sound knowledge of what kind of animals to buy. Cows and buffalos have many types, choose the one which gives most milk per day. Dairy business and milk supply to houses in on full bloom in major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Most people complain of impure milk, so if you give pure and quality milk, you can gain popularity among the masses soon.

Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan-Ideas

Transport Business:

Transport business is a very important trade. People avail buses, vans, wagons, taxis, and rickshaws every hour, everyday. This business requires more investments than the others, but it is worth it. You earn profit on daily basis.

You will need to buy vehicles of your own choice trucks, mini vans, buses, taxis etc., and hire drivers for them. Choose your employees wisely. They should have a legal driving license. Also, you must keep a daily check on your drivers and vehicle.

 Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan-Ideas

Items Sale on OLX: is a famous website for selling and buying goods. You can sell everything and anything on Buy pets, used mobile phones, cars, television sets, carpets, mats, furniture, computers, laptops, motor bikes, etc., and put them on sale on the website.

This needs patience though. It will take some time to find serious buyers in your area, but you can earn a high profit from this. The best thing about this business is that you can start it with least investment and take it to a higher level.

Yoga classes:

People are constantly worried about their health and peace of mind.

You can have yoga sessions with men and women both, of varying ages. Yoga classes have a high demand in big cities like Karachi. They are not very popular in smaller or less developed cities like Faisalabad. You can earn monthly depending on your expertise in the field and the number of people you teach.

Before starting this business, you must learn the art of yoga yourself. You can teach yoga at your own place or you can go to your students’ houses. Renting or buying your own place will cost you a little money. If you are going to your students’ houses then you will need transport of your own which will also cost you money. But this money is less as compared to what you’ll earn monthly.  Most people earn 50,000 to 90,000 per month by giving yoga lessons.

 Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan-Ideas

Catering Services:

People in Pakistan tend to spend a huge sum of money on weddings. They are willing to pay a handsome amount for delicious dishes and quality catering. This makes it one of the most profitable business in Pakistan.

You can start on a small-scale, starting from smaller weddings and parties near you. Once you earn profit, you can offer catering services to weddings on a higher scale. This business need a lot of start-up materials like tents, carpets, lighting, tables, chairs, curtains, stages, utensils, and decorative materials. These items are also available for rent. But once you buy them, they will last for a long time and will not need much repair.

 Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan-Ideas

Fruits and Vegetable Supply

This business needs more skill than investment. Export of fruits and vegetables from Pakistan to other countries is a high paying business. Also, export of fruits and vegetables from one city to other also have a high demand. You can start from a single item and then expand your business gradually.


Day Care Centres:

Working mothers need to put their children in trustworthy hands every day. For this business you need a little apartment with a room or two, some supplements for children, and kind-hearted female workers. Once you earn a good name in this business, you will earn more and more customers because mothers tend to recommend such places to their friends. You must be careful. One wrong move and you’ll lose your customer forever. Your employees must treat the children with love and care.

 Top 10 Small Business in Pakistan-Ideas

Mugs and shirts printing business:

You need a Facebook page or a website of your own with many pictures of customized mugs and tee shirts. Your garments and printing quality must show through them. Keep an option for the customers to choose their own images for printing both on mugs and shirts and then charge them extra for delivery.

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