How To Start Sheep And Goat Farming in Pakistan

Goat and sheep farming is a unique and incredible business model and has a solid demand. A person can earn an incredible amount by running this business and many people in Pakistan prefer this business. Goats are also called “poor man’s cow” as they have a small size and have the capability to produce the effective amount of meat and milk which makes the opportunity of making extra money than the marginal.

There is no need of education to start this business but If a person is a little educated then that would be best. Sheep and goat farming has super integration. The production of goats is mostly coming from landless people, poor and marginal people. The goat products have a great demand in international market plus they are of high quality. There are some important points that should be considered on first priority before starting this business.

The first most important thing before starting this project is, goat and sheep farming is a long term project and it needs some strategies and planning then the maximum profit can be earned. The second most important thing is the right employee to manage this business as the milk stealing is very easy. So the person should be trustworthy and reliable and that is the most careful step which the business owner should take carefully.

Goat farming is playing an important role in country’s economy by producing 275 thousand tons mutton, 25 million skin, 21.4 thousand tons of hair and annually producing the 851 thousand tons of milk.Lastly, the business owner should know the essential business equipment which is needed for sheep and goat farming business. This business cannot be run without buying farming equipment.

Before starting this business, one thing should be kept in mind a person should have some finance as this business requires some investment first but after then the profit is unlimited.

The benefits of this business are endless even on the initial level. goats are easy to maintain than any other livestock and are cheaper to buy and sell. Their reproduction process starts earlier than any other cattle and the gestation period is very small.

A wide variety of products can be obtained from goat and sheep which includes skin, milk, meat, fiber etc. goats and sheep can even live on low-quality food and are easily managed with other animals or they require less management and labor. This is the mere reason why people prefer this business instead of any other. This business can be run on a small scale as well as on a big scale, all depends on ones investment.

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