Tuesday 31 March 2015
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Warid Internet Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Warid has been identified as among the most reputable and best distinguished mobile networks within Pakistan. This network has always gained the appreciation and well liked response from the public just through their finest and top excellent packages for their regular and forthcoming fresh customers. They even offer the lowest calling rates offers for the national and international people as well and this is the main feature that has made this network so popular and known in Pakistan. This network is hugely used by the youngsters and teenage society members. As we know that almost all the Mobile networks has been busy in grabbing the attention of the people through the interesting and tempting internet packages so how can we expect that the Warid would step back for his users. Last month Warid had arrived with its fascinating internet package but this time it has again prearranged the same existing offer with the alluring addition of 10 MB of internet bundle at just the cost of Rs. 30 per month. If we look back in the previous offer then Warid had offered 15 MB of internet package at Rs. 10 per day. Let’s look at the main availing terms and condition for the activation of Warid Internet Package.


For getting connected with the Warid monthly internet offer just send a message of 10 MB to 7777. This will serve the customer with 10 MB of internet at just Rs. 20 on the per month basis.


 In the Warid daily internet package the user will get the chance to take fun from 15 MB of internet at just Rs. 10 for per day terms. For getting activated with this offer just send SMS of 15 MB at 7777. This package will get expire at 12am daily and the user will again have to send the message at same number for the next day usage.


 This offer will just allow the user to use the internet at the speed of 2 MB on per day conditions. All the Warid customers can get connected with this offer by sending a message of 2MB to 7777. The actual breathing charges of this offer will be 2.99 per day. This offer will get expired after 12 am daily no matter whether you have utilized the internet or not.


  • All such users who will send the message to 7777 will get this balance deduction of Rs. 1.11 per tax for every single message.
  • The users activating the daily bundle will again have to activate the bundle next day as well otherwise their balance will get deducted if they didn’t avail the offer.
  • All the packages have been set within their specific time limits as for daily it has been 12 hours, for weekly its seven days and for the monthly internet offer it has been rest for 30 days of time phase.

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